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108                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

in Charles II.'s days; owls in ivy bushes. They
wear upon this, large flapping caps or mobs, and
over all a chip hat, like an umbrella, squeezed
down at the sides, and staring up in front, lined
with yellow, scarlet, or some such glaring colour.
Shawls and blankets, projecting necks, black and
gray stockings, and no heels.

November xzth, 1796.

I have seen TAbb£ Tersan, who is just as
we left him, among his books and medals, as
lively as ever.1 His section saved him. I have
also seen the bookseller Barrois, Mr. Keller, Dr.
Gem, and Perregaux, the banker.

The Directory is putting the Luxembourg
Palace into thorough repair. The convent of the
Dominicans (Vantre des Jacobins) is destroyed, and
part of the gardens of the Chartreuse is being
added to that of the Luxembourg. The new
bridge of La Paix, La Revolution, or Louis XVI.,
is finished; but the preserving the Palais Bourbon

i Charles Philip de Tersan, a learned antiquarian and
man of extraordinary research; the more remarkable since
he never published any work on these subjects, although
no one possessed more materials or greater capabilities.
He died at a very advanced age in 1819.